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Best golf shoes of 2024

Daniel Field

25 March 2024


When we asked our readers whether they preferred cleated or spikeless golf shoes, the results were pretty evenly split, with a third of respondents claiming they owned both kinds

It’s a wonderful feeling when you find the perfect pair of golf shoes and your steps feel a little lighter and more purposeful.

March is a wonderful month, the days are getting lighter, the weather’s getting warmer, and the golf course is gearing up for Spring. So, it’s the perfect time of year to get in the spirit of fresh starts and buy yourself some new golf shoes!

Take a moment to appreciate everything your shoes do for you. They carry you from tee to green in all conditions, help keep your feet locked into the ground and stable when you’re swinging your clubs, and they keep your steps light and springy even when you’ve already been on the course for hours.

The truth of it is, our shoes do a lot for us, and the more we use them when we’re playing golf, the more wear and tear they’ll feel, and the less use they’ll be to us. If your shoes are starting to look a little sad, there’s no need to panic, we have the latest Skechers shoes in store and ready to try on! Today we want to give you a peek at the amazing new shoes you can now get your hands on.

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Skechers Pro 6 SL Golf Shoes

Combining a trainer-like construction with the dedicated performance-enhancing features of top-quality Skechers sporting tech, the Pro 6 SL shoes are a real delight to wear both on and off the golf course.

The hotmelt skin upper is waterproof and will protect your feet should you be playing through any light rain or accidentally splash yourself walking through a puddle. Once you slip your feet in and get comfortable, the Arch Fit insole will keep you secure the entire time you’re wearing them.

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Skechers Tempo Golf Shoes

Skechers is renowned the world over for their quality shoes, and the Tempo golf shoes will certainly get you in the mood for aiming for low scores. They’re very comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Skechers Goga Max cushioning technology is at the core of the construction of the Tempo shoes. Once you slip your feet into a pair of these shoes, you’ll recognize the care and attention the interior has been given right away. The material used is both resilient and lightweight, ensuring your feet stay ready for action as you make your way into the back 9 holes.

The Spikeless TPU outsole offers incredible traction on every golf course surface, and you’ll be happy you’re wearing these beauties should you game extend into a playoff.

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Skechers Vortex Slip-In Golf Shoes

If you’re looking for the ultimate in golf footwear convenience, you might just find it in the Vortex Slip-in golf shoes. As the name implies, these shoes feature a hands-free slip-in design that makes your time in the changing room a breeze, and you’ll be out on the course in record time.

The other prominent feature in these stylish golf shoes is the Twist Fit dial closure mechanisms that ensures you’ll be finding the perfect tightness for your game ahead. You can say goodbye to laces with this shoe, once tightened, the mechanisms stays in place until you loosen it again with a twist of the dial.

The Vortex Slip-ins have a heel pillow that keeps your feet securely in place, and Skechers own top-notch Arch Fit insole system helps reduce fatigue to keep you feeling strong when you’re embarking on an extra few holes.

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Which of these two golf shoes most speaks to you? Now is the perfect time of year to get some new shoes on your feet and really bed them in ahead of the summer competitions. There’s a lot of great choices available when it comes to choosing quality golf shoes, so if you’d like to seek our expert advice and lend you a hand, we’d be more than happy to help you in the pro shop.

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